Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 30th July 2022 Written Episode 7

Composed Update for Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 – July 30, 2022 – Live Relay Week

Today’s Fear Factor episode, which airs on July 30, 2022: Rohit Shetty welcomes each khiladi to the new week of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12).

This article was written in real time as we watched the episode. I have faith that you will find it useful.

This week, all of the candidates will act out their trade gimmicks.

The competition will continue with the next two stunts being performed by the winner and the loser.

It’s the same as the Hand off race with a rod, according to Rohit Shetty.

He performs a test stunt for the audience involving Chetna and Kanika.

This week will end with the arrival of two separate groups. The squad with the most fear fanda holders (the losers) will carry out the elimination manoeuvre. To top it all off, one of them will be booted out of KKK12.

The July 30, 2022, First Trick
It’s time for this week’s big trick, so get ready! Rubina and Nishant will be the ones to carry it out.

The contestant must lower their head and pull a lever to open the boxes and retrieve their prizes. Rohit Shetty will report both the species of the creepy crawlies (cockroaches, rats, crabs, etc.) and the total weight needed. To achieve the target weight, he or she will gather creatures and operate the box’s lever.

Rubina initiates the process and successfully finishes it.

Nishant does a great job at the beginning and end right now.

The results are now in the public domain. It took Rubina 9 minutes, 36 seconds, and Nishant only 7 minutes, 58 seconds. This results in terrible fanda for Rubina.

Trick Number Two for July 30, 2022
The following stunt will feature a competitor performing on a suspended platform (similar to a Teeter-Totter). At the cue, he or she must move from one end of the stage to the other, where he or she must collect, reposition, and catch ten Red and Yellow banners.

After Nishant’s pick of Tushar as the previous stunt’s victor, Rubina went with Mohit Malik.

Mohit is the first to try the stunt, and the first to pull it off.

Tushar has just started the trick, and so far, it’s going pretty well.

The results are now in the public domain. Tushar finished in 14 minutes, 58 seconds, while Mohit finished in 9 minutes, 59 seconds. Tushar receives terrifying fanda in this fashion.

On July 30, 2022, for the third stunt: Rajiv Adatia reads his hilarious handwritten letter in Hindi once more before moving on to the next prank.

It’s time for the next stunt in the relay race.

As part of this water stunt, the competitor will relax on a bed placed within the water. The bed will start to turn as soon as the trick starts. There are two locked legs and one locked hand that he or she must unlock (using the provided keys). Later, after the imprint has been given, he or she should tap on it to finish the trick.

For this trick, Mohit opted for Faisu and Tushar went with Chetna.

Chetna starts the stunt, but he also ends it.

Now Faisu initiates the process and successfully completes it.

It’s a perfect scenario in terms of the results. Chetna finished in 12 minutes and seven seconds, while Faisu finished in 10 minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Chetna receives terrifying fanda in this fashion. (Show ends with…)

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