Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 23rd July 2022 Written Episode 5

Written Update for Season 12 of Khatron Ke Khiladi — July 23, 2022 — Partners Week — LIVE

In the premiere of Season 12 of Khatron Ke Khiladi (23 July 2022), Dread Component’s Rohit Shetty introduces himself to the audience.

Please take into account that we wrote this article while actually watching this episode. I have faith that you will find it useful.

This is a special Partners Week presentation by Rohit Shetty.

This week, the competitors will work together on a series of daring stunts.

Every khiladi is taken aback when they learn about this week’s unusual assignments and their dire consequences.

Everyone is antsy to do something dramatic this week. The time for making alliances has come.

Tushar is chosen by Nishant, Mohit by Sriti, Rubina by Kanika, Pratik by Jannat, Shivangi by Faisu, and Rajiv by Chetna.

The 2022-07-23 First Trick Date
It’s time for the first prank of the week from your trusty sidekick.

One accomplice will be seated in one vehicle while the other is inside the upper vehicle, which will be turned on its side. They need to hit the dark drum and the red drum to start the trick. They will receive 2 points for the red drums and 1 point for the black ones. The accomplice sitting in the upper vehicle will have full control of the vehicle thanks to the contortion, while the lower accomplice will be limited to the brake and gas.

Sriti-Mohit and Jannat-Pratik will pull off this prank.

Jannat-Pratik does a great job with the stunt and gets things going. Jannat was in the passenger seat directing Pratik’s driving.

The con begins with Sriti-Mohit. Mohit is behind the wheel, and Sriti is calling the shots. They successfully concluded it, too.

The findings are in: While Jannat-Pratik scored 19 points, Sriti-Mohit tallied 25.

Dreadful fanda befalls Jannat and Pratik.

On July 23, 2022, Rajiv-Chetna and Faisu-Shivangi will pull off the following stunt.

They should take the fun test first, though, so that the trick actually works. Not one of them was successful.

The time has come for the next trick, in which both of the accomplices should accept the iron pole as early as possible. The twist is that they will get shocked if their pole touches the electric bar. Soon enough, they’ll have the trick down.

Faisu-Shivangi is the one to kick off the stunt. After 13 minutes, however, Shivangi began to feel ill and the stunt had to be cancelled.

The time for Rajiv and Chetna has come, but after witnessing Shivangi’s predicament, Rajiv isn’t up to the challenge.

They start the trick in the second half and effectively complete it.

This leads to an inevitable conclusion. Shivangi and Faisu are both given fear fanda.

The July 23, 2022, Third Trick
Kanika-Rubina and Nishant-Tushar will be performing this trick. However, they must first pass a correspondence test.

The fun guessing game of Nishant-Tushar begins with him.

The third trick, in which the two helpers are joined by a bungee cord, has finally arrived. When the trick starts, the participant should put a lemon in their mouth and slither to the next stage, where they will deposit the lemons in a holder. This ruse will be performed on pigs. There is a 15-minute time limit.

Kanika-Rubina gets the ball rolling and essentially closes the deal.

Nishant-Tushar takes the initiative and carries out the stunt. As one of the pigs nibbled at him during the errand, Nishant’s mood took a turn for the worse.

The rankings have been updated. While Nishant and Tushar moved 25 lemons, Kanika and Rubina only moved 22.

Kanika and Rubina are the recipients of the fear fanda. (Show ends with…)

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