Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 17th July 2022 Written Episode 4

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 Episode 17 Written Update – Atyachaar Week – LIVE

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 (KKK 12), which premiered on July 17, 2022, begins with Rohit Shetty reviewing this week as Atyachaar Week.

Please take into account that we wrote this article while actually watching this episode. I have faith that you will find it useful.

After recent failures in their endeavours, Shivangi, Chetna, Faisu, Pratik, and Rajiv all received the fear fanda.

Each finalist in the luxury tent and atyachaari tent is interviewed by Rohit Shetty, who wants to know how they spent their last night.

No one wants to hear that they, too, will be tortured later today.

The time has come for Kanika Mann, Sriti Jha, and Aneri Vajani to perform the day’s main illusion. The top performers will be shielded, while the bottom two will receive fanda.

On July 17, 2022, the first trick was played.
In this stunt, the competitor will enter a cage in order to retrieve the bones. Two vicious dogs await their prey inside the cage. Once the competitor has amassed a sufficient number of bones, they must cross the finish line. However, more dogs will be let loose on them in this area. The challenger must drop a bone into the holder while on the move.

Kanika takes the initiative and finishes it without any problems. She was unwavering in her resolve to go through with the prank.

Aneri is the one to start the prank now. Dogs in general strike particular fear in her. Even after this, she manages to complete the illusion.

Sriti performs the opening and closing moves of the trick.

The results are in, and Aneri finished in 6 minutes, 27 seconds, Sriti in 4 minutes, 10 seconds, and Kanika in 4 minutes, 3 seconds. Fear fanda results for Sriti and Aneri, but Kanika is unharmed.

The Second Joke of July 17, 2022
It is time for the next trick, which will be performed by fear fanda holders (except Faisu, who didn’t try the trick).

With the aid of the apprehension fanda, they will be able to wipe out this gang.

When Rajiv Adatia reads from his astounding and entertaining discourse just before the trick, everyone is in a state of pure joy.

This accomplice stunt will be performed by Aneri-Shivangi, Rajiv-Chetna, and Pratik-Sriti.

One participant will eat bugs, snails, and worms while the other participant obtains the eight-digit combination to the lock. The receiving partner has the burden of remembering the code. The other conspirator will repeat these actions at some point in the future. By stuffing worms into their mouths, the two of them will crack the final code.

Aneri-Shivangi performs the first part of the trick and the last part as well.

Now Rajiv and Chetna have begun the trick, which they have also successfully completed.

Pratik-Sriti does a great job at the beginning and the end.

The time is right for the results right now. Compared to Rajiv and Chetna’s 2 minutes 43 seconds and Aneri and Shivangi’s 2 minutes 47 seconds, Pratik and Sriti’s time was only 1 minute 44 seconds.

As a result, Aneri and Shivangi join Faisu in the elimination stunt, and Pratik-Sriti and Rajiv-Chetna are freed from their fear fanda.

On July 17, 2022, we will perform the Disposal Trick.
A participant will spend 8 minutes lying in a bed that rotates on a turntable. At the start of the trick, he or she will be given a 6-digit code to enter. The competitor must remember this. Then, once the 6-digit code has been established, he or she can crack the nut and retrieve the cards that arrange the numbers. The twist is that these reptiles and insects will be wrapped around their body.

Faisu starts the trick first and manages to complete it in record time.

After eight minutes of preparation, Shivangi finally begins the stunt.

Unfortunately, Aneri is unable to complete the trick in the allotted 8 minutes after starting it.

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