Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 10th July 2022 Written Episode 2

Written Update for Season 12 of Khatron Ke Khiladi – July 10, 2022 – LIVE

In the latest episode (10 July 2022) of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12, Rohit Shetty introduces the trick by bringing up Kanika Mann.

Please take into account that we wrote this article while actually watching this episode. I really anticipate your satisfaction. The third stunt in Rohit Shetty’s challenge against Khiladi was performed yesterday by Shivangi and Aneri. The time is right for Kanika Mann to pull off this trick.

However, she is terrified of the hyena inside the cage.

Everyone is doing what they can to make her feel better about herself.

Kanika performs the first part of the trick and also completes it. After finally making some headway, she is overjoyed with joy.

It is now time for the outcomes. No one could have completed the trick in under 6 minutes. Shivangi completed the trick in 8 minutes and 30 seconds, Kanika in 8 minutes, and Aneri in 25 minutes.

Each of the three young women earned an effort point from Rohit Shetty.

The Tenth of July, 2022, First Trick
All the Khiladis up until now have only known how to win 3 stars.

After some time, Rohit Shetty and Rajiv Adatia play a humorous game.

The first stunt of the day is about to go down. Faisu and Tushar, along with Pratik and Chetna, will pull this off as an accomplice stunt. If they pull off the stunt, they’ll earn a perfect score of four stars.

In this con, the two helpers will stand on opposite sides of a makeshift “hanging stage.” When the trick starts, they should take a few steps from one end to the other. Finally, they should collect the dangling banner and perform a bouncing action in the water. The curve indicates that the trick can be completed in 7 minutes.

Pratik and Chetna start the stunt first, but they run out of time before they can finish it.

Tushar and Faisu have just started the trick, which means they have also completed it.

Winners Faisu and Tushar receive 2 stars from director Rohit Shetty.

Five stars have been added to the board for the Khiladis.

Nishant Bhat’s comedy scene sets the tone for the second stunt of July 10, 2022.

The next daredevil act will be performed by Sriti and Nishant. The two of them should get all A’s on this exam and be safe by the end of the week.

The competitor should perform a shake climb for this trick. Once it gets going, he or she will need to reach in, open the nut, and pull out the disc. According to the wind, there are scary little animals/animals in that opening, and they need to get at least four circles in six minutes.

Nishant Bhat starts the trick off first, but unfortunately he is unable to complete it.

Sriti Jha now starts the trick and successfully completes it on time.

For completing the trick, Sriti was awarded a single star.

They eventually earned six stars, and now the Khiladis must face the elimination trick.

In order to participate in the final stunt, Rohit Shetty has asked everyone to give him or her two names.

As of July 10, 2022, the Trick is over.
At the end of the democratic process, 10 votes are cast for Rubina and 9 for Nishant.

In this light, it makes sense. Rubina and Nishant are going to pull off the elimination stunt this week.

This trick will be performed by a competitor in a glass container containing ice cubes. The holder will be filled with ice cubes as the trick begins. Here, he or she will need to collect glow sticks of various hues and sort them into their corresponding slots. After 5 minutes, the door to that room will open, allowing the challenger to plunge into the water below.

Rubina starts the trick off and does a fantastic job so far.

The con begins with Nishant. He also did very well and moved the most extreme sticks in the show.

The time is right for the results right now. Out of a total of 57 sticks, Rubina had 5 that were not in play. So, Rubina now has 52 points. While Nishant shifted 51 sticks, only 2 were in the wrong place. This means he got 49 points.

As a result, Nishant’s defeat is undeniable.

But at the end, Rohit Shetty lets slip that nobody is going home this weekend.

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