Bigg Boss Season 16 2023 Grand Finale Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode : MC Stan wins

Soundarya and Archana will be there. Archana claims to be my best friend, but she was unable to be completely candid with me. She’s very patient with people. As Soundarya, Krushna is renamed. He claims that she has the impression that I have feelings for her. The lack of an entry from Mandali forced me to settle for less. Priyanka had Ankit, and Shalin had Tina. I went out and immediately needed ear treatment. She has pimples and I have dimples.

Bharti claims that dimple has no effect.

Repeatedly, you cautioned me to keep quiet. I’m in charge, so leave. A chuckle escapes Priyanka’s lips. Now, Priyanka and Ankit, Krushan says. Ankit claims that I told her to listen to my heart rather than my head. Priyanka claims he’s undergone some changes. Recently, he’s developed a soft spot for others. True, as Krushan puts it now. Bharti, Priyanka says Ankit is on my side occasionally. As Ankit would say, “Krushna,” hmmm. I only had ten minutes to talk to Bharti because Tina and Shalin fought for 30 minutes, according to him. Hmmm, Ankit muses. Bharti promises that we will develop a plan. We’ve decided to become a couple. We’ll keep fighting and making up until the end. According to Krushna, his inner self is silent as well.

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Now, according to Krushna, we’ll have a mandali vs. non-mandali matchup. Each question has a 5-second time limit. Let’s see Nimrit take on Shalin. Nimrit, he claims, imitates Shalin’s behaviour and gives him bad advice. Nimrit claims I mock people’s mental health while feigning innocence. According to Shalin, I have nothing to add. In just three words, Bharti describes Nimrit’s flaws. Shalin claims she never played by herself. According to Bharti, Shalin gives him phoney praise.

What Nimrit says is genuine and honest

Bharti asks what Nimrit can take away from Priyanka’s example. Shalin continues her argument directly. Here we have Priyanka and Shiv. There are three things Krushan says he can pick up from you. Priyanka advocates for social interaction, solidarity, and assertiveness. What does Shiv say, pals? He chuckles. Bharti boasts to Shiv in Nimrit that she is better than Priyanka in three ways. He recommends etiquette and keeping your distance. Nimrit has never been mistreated by me, according to Priyanka. Nimrit claims we are not ten years old. Each of us is an adult. Shiv maintains that it’s fine, because everyone is a human. According to Priyanka, I am. In three words, Krushna instructs us to describe Shiv. Priyanka characterises him as smart, self-centered, and impolite. Bharti inquires of three people Priyanka fears. Nimrit, Nimrit, Nimrit, he keeps repeating. What it is, I simply cannot say. She is very improvisational.

Next up are Stan and Archana. Krushan probes for three clues about Stan’s life from the kitchen. Ginger, crimson, and spinach are what she identifies as being on her mind. He’s as chameleonic as a ginger. Spinach, it gives him a dull mind. Reduces in redness. That, according to Stan, is illogical. One word from Bharti to Archana. There is a shemri uttered by him. After leaving the house, Krushna recommends three actions. She recommends honing your verbal, aural, and cognitive skills. Bharti lists three of her worst culinary creations. After calling you a child and using derogatory language, he offers to cook for you. She’d do anything to get the perfect shot.

A winner of the Big Brother house will be announced in a few hours, according to BB

Follow the path of the most entertaining performer. According to Krushna, Bharti is my Tina and I am Shalin. Like Shalin and Tina, they get into fights. Bharti is constantly repeating the name Shah. He’s told me I can’t deal with you, Sumbul, and now Soundarya. Shah, Bharti keeps referring to you. He yells. He trembles and declares, “I’m done.” Hold steady. It lasts for just two hours. The competition for footage is fierce. Krushna exclaims in surprise. As she sobs, Bharti cries out, “Shah.” Shah, Shah. I’m leaving, I hear, he says. Sumbul, only you get me, Krushna says. When Bharti does something, she mimics Sumbul’s mannerisms. She is jiving about. There are tears in her eyes. Why are you crying, Krushna wants to know. I have a talent for this, she says. Fans shouldn’t worry; I’ll just say you made me cry. I need to demonstrate my own concern. Allow me to massage you. They’re expecting Tina, he says. Tina, Krushna yells, is superior. Soundarya is the name Bharti adopts. If you want to use the loo, Shalin (Krushna) says Gautam can’t take you there. You must have protein. She claims I was only interested in the glitz. Fat is what he calls it. Will you be tricked by me, Shalin asks? Love, tragedy, and romance, according to Krushna, are over. I need to get moving right now. Without provocation, he goes pick a fight with Stan. He discusses Stan’s footwear. Bharti tells the two to stop it and then proceeds to abuse them.

Priyanka, Bharti says, you represent the truth, so prepare to be questioned

How often has Archana acted and lied? Priyanka claims she always lies. She has appeared on screen in various roles. While promising to be there for the two of you no matter what, she kicked Ankit to the curb. What would you do if Ankit proposed and you had the option of seeing a movie starring Salman? Bharti asks. She has told me that I may get married after finishing the film. She inquires as to Stan’s finest trait. Priyanka advises Ankit to start appreciating Stan more. That’s how he takes it. According to Ankit, love is something unique between two people.

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