Bigg Boss Season 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode Grand Finale

Written Episode and Update for Bigg Boss Season 16 from February 12, 2023


A warm greeting from Salman. Salman makes the finalist announcement.

To kick things off, Bharti and Krushna head home. They can’t agree on who should host the event. Salman enters with his group Baja. Krushna and Bharti break into song. Krushna, Bharti tells you to leave. Bharti asks him why he is even in this room. It’s best to let him handle it, according to Salman. Each person details their costs. Whatever you need, Krushna says I can provide for you. I’m told to contact my partner by Salman. Bharti asks, “Sir, why didn’t you ever use me in any of your films?” He insists that you audition for the role. She has a steamy scene with a co-star. Salman thinks you’ve drifted apart romantically.

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Let me host the finale, he says. Away he goes. Away with Salman and Bharti. Krushna awakens and greets the contestants. Almost everyone is up and dancing. Krushna says we should applaud your efforts thus far. Together, Shiv and he dance. Shiv is hugged by Bharti. For Krushna, this is the equivalent of Alia visiting Ranbeer and introducing herself as Shiva. The 14th of February, according to Bharti. How long do you plan on staying on reality TV? He chuckles. How much longer do you plan to stay at BB’s house before you get your own place, as Bharti has insisted? Bharti claims that a great deal of non-mandali and mandali activity took place in this home. Why didn’t you participate? Nimrit and Archana did. Archana claims that Nimrit stole the backing of Gautam and Shalin. I didn’t have to have help. Mistakenly, she did that. She could have won if she had played by herself. A protection, according to Priyanka. Krushna inquires after Sajid from Shalin. Sajid claims he has a unique perspective and hopes others will adopt it. According to Archana, Abdu wouldn’t make his own choices but rather follow orders.

The veteran competitors are back. Sajid arrives.

Abdu embraces Shiv. He claims that Archana and I aren’t friends. According to Sajid, arguments are normal in any family. This season has been very successful. To put it simply, they mingle with all parties involved. Sumbul reports that Archana has described us as a shield, but as friends. No one asked you, according to Archana. All people, not just mandali, are welcome there. Ankit embraces Priyanka. Soundarya is embraced by Shalin. Their paths cross. The BB is happy to have them. Krushna has proposed that we have a rap battle between mandali and non-mandali. According to Krushan, I should contact Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana. Dolly uses the name “mandali,” also known as “Shiv,” “Stan,” and “Nimrit.” First stab with the shiv. You’re not a lion, but a fox, Priyanka comes in and tells you. People are piling up on you from behind. Rapping is Stan’s thing. He thinks mandali is fantastic. You’re a rapper, Shalin says, and we’re swagger. The next stop is Sumbul. According to Sumbul, Shalin may think he played the girls, but he actually scares the chickens away. According to Archana, BB sent her out with a trophy after she kept crying and expecting to win. Nimrit returns with the news that she was yelling the whole time. Like a curious child, she gets into everything. According to Archana, it’s common knowledge who acted like a brat. There was Krushna’s singing, some real music, some fake, some in the front, and some in the back.

The group re-assumes its seats. Bharti wants to know, which Krushna do you like best? Vikas and Archana are the names he gives. I love MC Stan, Bharti gushes, because he’s so genuine. He calls for applause, saying it’s been 10 minutes since Sreejita’s nomination was passed over. According to Bharti, her aunt would visit, do ekla chori, and give her a hug. Krushna claims that there is a connection between Archana and chips. The only thing inside is air. Ankit is so thin that Priyanka has heard Bharti compare him to paper. We’re going to play musical chairs, she says. Mandali and Shiv will provide Nimrit, Stan. Archana, Priyanka, and Shalin aren’t mandali. First to fall is Nimrit. Archana claims she is always only partially committed. The next round is a loss for Shalin. Krushna suggests that Shalin transform into a hen. Turns into a fowl form. The room is filled with laughter. Next round, Stan goes down in defeat. All the talk is about cheating. A request from Bharti for Priyanka to hand it over to Stan. The next round is a loss for Stna. The final outcome favours Archana. A hug from Soundarya. If Shiv didn’t have mandali, so goes the argument from Bharti. According to Shiv, they could have shared the mandali.

According to Bharti, “my favourite Abdu” is up next.

Surrounding him were only females. Krushna has said that we will contact your three admirers. Soundayra, Nimrit, and Priyanka. Abdu joins them in dance. Today, you can speak your mind, Krushan says. This time around, we are avoiding Archana. Sajjid and Shiv temples come first. That’s how hard Shiv worked, according to Sajdi. Every night he has bowed to the BB sign. That’s how vital it is to him, in other words. He encourages you to take pride in your accomplishments. I was constantly inspired, according to Shiv. Bharti promises that we will be honest. Krushna and I are both Shiv. Krushna claims that they owed me respect because I would have promoted them to stardom after they left BB. Bharti asks, “Who’s the director?” In the show, I instructed him on what to do. Bharti claims that when he was younger, he would travel to Uganda to play basketball. Krushna claims I was forced to play such insignificant roles. Bharti claims that I hired everyone and formed the mandali. The expert is me. I conned everybody. Who put Sajid in charge, and why? He took the door out of the room, saving me from having to play that role again. Sajid has a wry grin on his face. According to Sajid, it’s all staged. They all know. According to Ankit, you can’t have smoke without fire. He reportedly opened up to Krushna.

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