Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th July 2023 Written Episode 19

Written Episode 19 Update for Bigg Boss OTT 2, Posted on July 5, 2023

The episode airing today, July 5, 2023, is more intriguing than previous episodes.
On the 18th day of the Bigg Manager OTT 2 season, on July 5th, 2023, the contestants wake up to the song “Raita Bomb Gaya” and rush to the nursery to dance to it.

Bigg Supervisor has now declared that Manisha Rani’s time behind bars has come to an end.

Jiya is evaluated!

Later, Jiya Shankar complains that he received no roti in his share, while Cyrus Broacha inquires as to the lunch preparations of Bebika Dhurve.

Manisha continues to do whatever she wants in silence as Jiya and her beginning contend with Bebika over whether or not there is flour in the general apportionment.

Bigg Manager then calls a meeting in the living area to inform everyone that SattaBadli will return to the BB House because Jiya is under duress as captain.

Jiya will be seated in an elevated position for three hours straight while the other housemates make a good faith effort to encourage her to move. This task will be guided and scouted by Avinash Sachdev.

Manisha Rani and Bebika, eager to get started on the project, immediately begin chasing after Jiya with’messy’ tissues and water sprinkles.

Abhishek Malhan also starts applying zest blends everywhere, despite Manisha and Bebika’s best efforts to warn him against getting it in his eyes.

Jad intervenes for no apparent reason.

Abhi, Bebika, and Manisha play the game in an effort to encourage Jiya to come down from her perch, while Jad Hadid, Pooja Bhaat, and Falaq Naaz complain about the task like it’s torture.

To which Manisha responds that it is a challenge and that anyone would have done the same if they were in Jiya’s position, and that Jad will stop talking to her if she continues this torture.

While Manisha pursues Abhi and encourages him to continue playing the assignment, Abhi scolds Avi for helping Jiya and refuses to do the task any longer.

Finally, Avi says under his breath that if he made Jiya the leader, he would have no intention of killing her.

While Falaq warns Jad against using foul language, Jiya informs Avi that her face is burning but that she will not speak until she completes the task.

Falaq and Avi continue to assist Jiya as she argues with Manisha, Bebika, and Abhi the whole way through the errand.

After Abhi covers her in slurry, she starts reviling in despair as Bebika and Manisha emerge from the house to see what’s happened.
Jiya accuses Bebika, Manisha, and Abhi of torturing her, but they assure her that this is just a small part of the overall project.

Jad storms inside, hurling his criticisms while he angrily throws something on the floor.

The other housemates continue to joke around, but Jiya and Bebika have a huge argument after Bebika claims that Jiya is rooting for someone who enjoys flashing their behind.

Then, after looking at Bebika and the arguments on the floor, Jad comes up with an excuse that he had a hair in his mouth.

Everyone in the house warns Jad against this, and Abhi warns Bebika not to include Jad in the game.

Bebika and Jiya Shankar have a heated debate over the buttocks incident involving Jad.

Bebika confronts Cyrus about the spitting incident, expressing her disappointment in his silence.

The project ends with the bell, and Manisha and Falaq Naaz offer their congratulations to Jiya while Bigg Supervisor says that Jiya maintains her position as captain and that the team’s roster is set in stone.

After that, Jad claims he’s missing eggs and begs for replacements from the general food supplies.

Pooja contradicts herself by saying that she gets her daily protein intake from those eggs.

Again, Bebika expresses her disgust at the spitting incident to Falaq and Cyrus, who both encourage her to talk to Bigg Supervisor.

In a conversation with Abhi and Avi, Jad argues that Bebika is using fake tears to gain sympathy.

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Later, Bigg Boss calls a meeting in the living room and announces that the SattaBadli task will be assigned once again because Jiya is feeling the weight of the captaincy.

Jiya will continue to serve as captain.

After finishing the task, Jiya is congratulated by Manisha and Falaq Naaz, and Bigg Boss announces that she will remain captain and that nominations will be made.

After that, Jad claims he’s missing eggs and begs for replacements from the general food supplies.

Pooja says no because she gets enough protein from eggs.

Bebika, on the other hand, apologises to Cyrus and Falaq for spitting on them, and they advise her to talk to Bigg Boss about it.

In a conversation with Abhi and Avi, Jad argues that Bebika is using fake tears to gain sympathy.

Towards the end of the day, Jiya and Jad stand on the flour that Jad had thrown out of anger, and she tells him that he made a mistake.

He rationalises his anger and brushes it under the rug while Bebika says she won’t cook for Jad and Abhi.

Despite Manisha’s reassurances, Jad reluctantly agrees to Jiya’s suggestion that he apologise to her.

Jiya and Manisha Rani sit down together later, and Jiya explains that she’s sorry. Manisha then becomes emotional and declares that she and Jad will not communicate during their time on Bigg Boss.

Cyrus joins Bebika and Pooja as they talk about Abhi late at night.

Bebika warns Cyrus that she will avoid him if he spends too much time in Jad’s company.

On the other hand, Abhi and Manisha sit and talk about their day.

After that, Abhi, Manisha, and Falaq take a stroll through the nursery while Manisha, ever the graceful showoff, begins praising herself.

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