Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th June 2023 Written Episode 14

On the 13th day of the current Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 episode (June 30), the contestants wake up and head to the nursery to a catchy tune.

When Manisha sees Bebika, she starts crying.
Jiya and Manisha walk in on Bebika in the kitchen and immediately ask what she is preparing.

Manisha goes to turn down the stove so Bebika won’t get burned.

Bebika, while talking about her upbringing and lack of formal education, gets burned and blames it on Manisha.

Manisha starts correcting Bebika’s every word as she talks about her upbringing, letting them know that her parents made an honest effort and that she is happy with her current situation.

Bebika refuses to acknowledge that it was inappropriate for her to bring up Manisha’s education, so Pooja, Falaq, and others go to her to tell her so.

Another group endeavour!

After dinner, Avinash gathers the housemates in the living room to read the latest assignment from Bigg Boss: split the occupants of the mansion into two teams, A and B. The victorious group will take centre stage outside the garden, blast the speaker, and challenge the loser to various challenges.

Akanksha Puri and Falaq Naaz will both play as a member and administrator, while the other group is responsible for conveying the challenges and completing it.

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Team A consists of Pooja, Bebika, Cyrus, and Falaq, while Team B consists of Akanksha, Jad, Abhi, and Manisha.

Team B, which consists of Jad, Abhi, and Akanksha, is given the first task by Cyrus and must swim using the garden as a pool. Attempt by Team A fails.

Following that, Avi takes control of the microphone and challenges Akanksha to kiss Jad.

In agreement, Akanksha nods as Avinash motions for them to kiss.

After some persuasion, Akanksha gives Jad a 30-second kiss and begins French kissing him while pecking him on the lips.

Akanksha and Jad share a passionate kiss.
Then, after Jad and Avinash have finished laughing and calling Akanksha a bad kisser, Pooja Bhatt tells her that it’s not a good thing to say.

Team A also orders them to ingest the four raw eggs in the cup, but when Akanksha does so without much difficulty, they start to get nervous. Bebika yells that this is not her idea as Falaq orders the girls on team white to remove their makeup and apply it to the boys.

Later, the roommates discuss the challenge and decide it was only a peck, while Jiya refuses to participate by eating three spoons of bean stew.

Try some raw vegetables, Abhi-Falaq!

After Abhi’s friend Jad accuses her of being bad, Falaq encourages her to eat a raw bottle gourd and confronts Jad.

Abhi is tasked by Pooja once again with changing the slips and making the bed by night, and he does so with the verbal guidance of Manisha.

While this was happening, Falaq decided to give group B one more task, instructing Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha to destroy their makeup.

The girls agree, and Pooja tells Falaq that she should have told them to give up the cosmetics only, before going to the girls and suggesting that they do so for three days so as not to ruin anything.

Team B needs you to drive!

Abhi suggests that Bebika apologise to the five members of Group B, explaining that she doesn’t know how to properly confront reading, since it is now their turn to do the dares.

Abhi instructs Bebika to kneel, and Pooja tells her to obey. Bebika starts putting on a play.

Akanksha then orders Falaq to consume five raw onions after claiming that some of Team A’s food supplies have been destroyed.

However, Falaq begins to feel sick after the third onion, prompting Team A to advise that she proceed with caution.

After being instructed by Abhi to pick up Cyrus, Bebika does so with ease for twenty seconds.

Team B triumphs and assumes command.

In less than five minutes, Akanksha instructs Pooja, who is playing the game alone, to switch positions and flip the cushion.

While Falaq sobs to Jad, informing him that the other group has done them dirty, the others head inside to complete the assignment.

Since Falaq went to the doctor, Pooja is now Sanchalak.

Abhi tells Jad to give Bebika, Avinash, and Cyrus a quick five-minute shower and wardrobe change if they won’t shave their heads in ten minutes.

The task is complete, and Bigg Manager informs the residents that Janta’s decision will be shared soon.

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