Bigg Boss OTT 2 2nd July 2023 Written Episode 16

Written Episode 16 of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Airing July 2, 2023

The other housemates have left the sitting area as Day 15 of Bigg Boss OTT 2 begins on July 2, 2023, and Jiya Shankar is seen crying in the kitchen.

Abdu Rozik comes in and consoles Jad Hadid as he relocates to a new room.

Jad explains that he felt compelled to apologise, but that his roommates warned him against it. Jad vents his annoyance.

Abdu tells him that he is sorry for his actions and that he has apologised.

Later, after Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve have told Jad to give them some space, he goes to apologise to the housemates individually.

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Salman Khan returns to the house to once again greet the contestants before telling them to “hurry up and go to the eliminations”

Salman assures Abhi that he will not be eliminated from the competition because of the decision he made to become captain.

Abhi receives a smile of approval from Manisha Rani, while Akanksha and Jiya look worried.

Salman informs the ladies that the death toll for Akanksha Puri is 100 percent.

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Salman greets the housemates and informs Jad that he will be responsible for the following week’s chores as a result of his actions, which Jad accepts.

He then asks Avinash Sachdeva to decode his message to Pooja Bhatt while continuing to talk about the assignment.

Avinash reveals his opinion that Pooja lacks balance due to its focus on either sexual orientation or age.

Salman tells him that he could have discussed this with Pooja as well, while Pooja tries to mediate.

Salman tells her that she doesn’t call him Salmanji because they’ve always had a different relationship, and he’s shocked by her care.

Salman Punctured Bebika

Salman acknowledges Bebika’s speech disability and encourages her to acquire it while praising Abhishek for putting on paper what he’s been saying throughout the show.

He tells Abhi and Pooja to expect them, and then he and Pooja start talking about the accusations that have been made against her.

While Abhi discovers that he wanted to be the commander all along but let go of it because the housemates go on and on about his childhood, Salman informs him that he has been blamed for taking the captaincy from Jad Hadid.

The most criticism is reserved for Bebika and Falaq, whom he accuses of ignoring Avinash’s violence and mean behaviour towards women while focusing on Abhi’s upbringing.

Salman tells the housemates they need to be fair and tells them not to have double standards for the next month.

Just before he leaves, Salman warns Bebika that he wouldn’t appreciate it if she spoke to him the way she does to everyone else. Bebika assures him that this is not the case.

When the screen goes black, Jiya Shankar admits that she feels like a moron for having restarted their conversation.

After reconciling their differences outside, Falaq and Abhi return inside to find Jad grovelling before Bebika.

Avinash Is Revealed by Salman Khan

As an aside, Salman learns that Avinash wrote that Jiya acts like a 12-year-old, despite the fact that he never mentioned this to her.

Salman tells Avinash that he appears to be a watcher and that they will open a remarkable space for them when Avinash tries to argue.

Two men enter through a broken mirror, which opens up a tiny room.

While Salman suggests that the other housemates open the Kadhghara (witness box), Avinash is confined to his room.

Falaq Naaz is brought in first as Salman defends her ‘Duplicate Glue’ label by explaining that, yes, Falaq simply paraphrases Pooja’s words into Hindi and passes them off as her own opinion.

A Word Is Spoken to Manish

When Pooja’s housemates are called to the witness stand, Salman asks Manisha Rani why they’re so scared of her.

Manisha claims that the housemates fear her in part because they have so much respect for her.

Salman compliments Pooja and asks her why she is there, but she reveals that she is learning and teaching from her experience.

He accuses her of “playing the old card,” and Pooja retorts that she simply presents her viewpoints without fear.

Salman praises Pooja’s courage and warns Manisha against being a quitter by using her discretion.

He immediately summons Abhishek Malhan to the observer box and requests that he present his position on Pooja.

Abhishek says he tries to respect all the women in the house, while Pooja has judged him based on his encounter with Bebika Dhurve.

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