Bigg Boss OTT 2 29th June 2023 Written Episode 13

Release Date Announced for Bigg Boss Season 17

One of the most watched reality shows in India is Sony Channel’s Bigg Boss. The show is similar to the international hit Big Brother, but it is set in India. Housemates are the show’s contestants; they live together in a house for a set period of time while being filmed continuously. Fans of the show can’t wait for Bigg Boss Season 17 to premiere in the middle of 2023.

The 12th day of Bigg Boss OTT 2 begins with Cyrus Broacha, Falaq Naaz, and Pooja Bhatt debating the motivations of Abhishek Malhan, Akanksha Puri, and Jiya Shankar in their criticisms of them.

Pooja has expressed her disappointment in Abhi, claiming she had higher hopes for him.

They discuss how stupid it was of them to discuss eliminations when they knew doing so could get them in trouble.

Falaq also reveals that she has concluded Manisha Rani has feelings for Bebika Dhurve and is under Abhi’s sway.

When the music starts, Manisha dances with Akanksha Puri and Jiya Shankar as Pooja, Bebika, and the rest of the roommates look on.

The other housemates try to bring Manisha and Bebika together.

Avinash Sachdev asks if she and Manisha can be friends again, but Bebika says she doesn’t think that will ever happen.

After that, Jad Hadid and Cyrus talk about Bebika’s attitude and how it might be challenging to be friends with her while Manisha prepares breakfast in the kitchen.

As Manisha explains to Falaq and Pooja, she had a conversation with Bebika the day before and they were able to put their differences aside.

Manisha may have gotten the impression that Bebika doesn’t care about her because Bebika kept talking about the other contestants.

Manisha reveals that she had been trying to contact Bebika earlier today but had received no response.

After hearing Avinash Sachdeva’s criticisms of him from Pooja and the others, Manisha visits Abhi to share the news.

When Jiya finally visits Avi to talk about the trouble in her friendship with him, Manisha and Abhi comment that she should have some respect for herself.

Group A, also known as group dark, consists of Pooja, Avinash, Cyrus, Mansiha, Bebika, and Falaq; whereas Group B, also known as group white, consists of only four people: Jiya, Abhishek, Akaknsha, and Jad. Bigg Supervisor invites them into the living area and informs them that the groups have not changed.

Manisha has switched to the good guys!
However, Bigg Manager instructs Group Dark to eliminate two candidates while giving them some time to reflect in order to create a level playing field.

Bigg Manager tells Group White to pick one person from Bebika and Manisha that Group Dark has given them.

Group White picks Manisha, and Bebika starts flirting with Jad by calling him sweetheart.

While Bebika is back in Group Dark, Manisha is joining Group White.

Later, Cyrus talks about how shocked he was by Manisha’s about-face, while Bebika makes fun of Manisha’s lie that they had already talked about it days earlier.

Bebika refers to Manisha as a child.

Cyrus brings Manisha and Bebika to the room area to talk, but they fight when Bebika won’t listen to Manisha or admit that she made her moody.

Manisha stays behind as she leaves.
Pooja, Falaq, and Avi try to calm Bebika down as she complains that Manisha hit her but she won’t hit back because Manisha is a hybrid of a young woman and a child.

While Manisha is sitting with Abhi, she tells him that Falaq is the real snake in the BB House.

Later on, Manisha and Jad have a fling, during which Manisha promises to always be available whenever Jad needs her.

She explains that her partners outside can’t see her French kiss him, so she won’t do it. Then he asks how she plans to accomplish this goal.

Then, Bigg Boss assigns them a second Vico Vajradanti task: pick one housemate whose bad habit you think should be changed.

Manisha takes on Falaq!

Falaq takes it literally when Manisha adopts his name, and they have an argument after the assignment is over.

Manisha tells Falaq not to be diplomatic, while Falaq urges her to speak for herself.

Abhi reveals that he doesn’t appreciate it when people let him know that he doesn’t respect women, while Pooja and he talk and try to figure out their differences at the same time.

Pooja says she doesn’t mean any harm by asking how he became so introspective.

When Manisha finally arrives, she hugs Pooja and says she’s sorry she talked so much today.

Falaq reassures Jiya that she does not harbour any ill will towards her as the two of them spend the night together.

Falaq assures Jiya that she is familiar with and can relate to her fears because she has had a similar experience in the past.

Falaq hugs Jiya and tells her not to overthink the situation after she says she does not want to lose the friendship she made here.

After that, Pooja sits down with Manisha and Abhi and explains that she and Falaq aren’t currently plotting anything and are instead just thinking about everyday things.

Manisha talks about how she noticed a change in Falaq’s disposition today.

Manisha then returns to Jad and continues playing with him before sitting down to listen to Abhi’s rants.

Jiya then embraces Pooja, remarking that Pooja is doing something “interesting” without realising it.

Jiya thanks Jad for the day and attributes its success entirely to him before retiring for the night.

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