Bigg Boss OTT 2 24th June 2023 Written Episode 8

Season 17 of Bigg Boss will premiere in 2023.

If you’re into reality television, you’ve probably heard that Season 16 of Big Boss just ended with a bang. The audience was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would come out on top. This prestigious award went to none other than the talented MC Stand.

But where does the franchise go from here? Season 16 of Bigg Boss has concluded, and viewers are eager for information on when Season 17. Who will be in the next group of contestants, what kind of drama will they bring, and how much money will be at stake are all topics of speculation.

On the eighth day of Bigg Boss OTT 2, which airs on June 24, 2023, Salman Khan welcomes the housekeepers and anyone else who is watching BB OTT Live.

Salman assures the crowd, “BB OTT is being enjoyed by all contestants around the world 24/7.”

We welcome back Salman Khan!
He wraps up by saying that the elimination can still happen even though one contestant has already left the house.

The audience is encouraged to look into what happened in the house the day before by Salman.

Cyrus Broacha is in the midst of an early morning weightlifting session inside the house, while Akanksha Puri complains of feeling ill to the camera.

Towards the end of the morning’s proceedings, Jad Hadid uses the jail’s camera to tell Bigg Boss that Akanksha will never be happy in prison.

Ex-lovers Palak and Avi get into it.
While Bebika Dhurve and her workout routine are mocked by Jiya Shankar and Palak Puraswani.

In a later conversation with Jiya and Avinash Sachdeva, Palak musters the nerve to ask Avinash why he picked her.

They get into an argument because he says she doesn’t listen to him.

The other housemates intervene, and Falaq Naaz defends Avinash, saying that he always made his intentions clear.

Late at night, Bebika confides in Manisha Rani that she saw Abhishek Malhan crying, and that they lack the guts to admit that she was right about his expression.

While Manisha and Bebika discuss her, Jiya and Jad are having a good time.

Because she is jealous of Akanksha, Bebika says, Jiya is a narcissist who craves Jad’s attention.

Jad then goes on to share his opinion with audience members Aaliya Siddique, Jiya, and the rest that he thinks Pooja Bhatt is an authoritarian who wants the contestants to be her puppets.

In the Big Brother house, you con artist Manish!
Salman, playing a con man in the new show Rafuchakkar, returns to the set and says, “Seeing this, I have sent a gift inside the house.”

As Manisha Paul enters the Big Brother house, the other contestants cheer him on.

He briefs the contestants on the task at hand, instructing them to pick one another using the phrase provided.

Falaq chooses Cyrus as ‘Kaamchori Mera Naam,’ and everyone laughs when Cyrus claims he did a poor job and now the other contestants won’t let him work.

Jad gives Jiya the moniker “I, Me, Myself” to express his confidence in Jiya’s authenticity.

Competitors chuckle at Manish’s observation that he’s become more courteous.

Books are reserved for housemates only!
Despite Aaliya’s criticisms of her, Bebika accepts the moniker “Nautanki Mera Naam” with enthusiasm.

Manisha declares the song to be titled “Mein Jhooti!” He exclaims, “My Makkar!” to Akanksha and describes how, after a promising start, Akanksha quickly deteriorated.

When Palak bestows the title of Thugna Mera Kaam Hai upon Pooja, she accepts it with grace.

Abhishek bestows the titles of “Nakli Rani Sasta Raja” upon Cyrus and Pooja, while Bebika honours him with the moniker of “Mujhe Gand Pasand Hai.”

Both “Full Idiot” by Avinash and “Footage Ki Deewani” by Pooja feature positive depictions of Manisha.

Moreover, while Falaq assures Manisha that Bebika is her strength, Bebika tells Manisha that she passed up a great chance to recite a shayri in front of Manish Paul.

Bebika steps aside and sits down with Manisha, warning her that the other contestants will try to get them into frequent fights but that they must avoid doing so. Manisha is hurt because she is naive.

Abhishek and Palak are summoned by Salman.
Salman tells viewers that some contestants are still making an effort to act civilly in the house.

He greets the inmates and inquires as to the origins of their titles.

Salman presses on, inquiring of Abhi the reasoning behind bestowing Nakli Rani upon Pooja. Abhi retorts that he has heard Pooja being called biassed by other competitors.

After Palak admits she was the one who called Pooja unfair, Salman tells her she must not have tried hard enough.

In addition, Salman entertains Indian viewers by naming housemates and commenting on them, particularly praising the couple of Manisha and Jad.

Salman provides direction!

Salman interrogates Abhi, claiming that he acted as though he was looking forward to the game but went silent as soon as he stepped inside the house.

Abhi explains that he and Manisha and Bebika used to be close, but their friendship has since deteriorated.

Salman points out that Manisha had already informed him multiple times that she did not want their relationship repaired.

Then, Salman criticises Akanksha for trying to institutionalise the brainwashing of housemates against Bebika and for the time she told Avinash to talk to Jad after having a conversation with Jad herself.

The reality about Akanksha has been exposed.
In addition, he reveals Akanksha’s part in making up Bebika’s story while they were both in jail.

At the same time that Salman tells Aaliya to keep her personal life out of the BB House, Bebika breaks down in tears because she finally has someone on her side.

Even though Palak hasn’t appeared on the show in six days, Salman claims that someone else has invented a story about her because she claimed in her promo that she liked clean houses and has OCD.

He then warns Palak and Akanksha, at which point the screen immediately turns off.

Salman invites Manish up on stage and greets him warmly before asking him some intriguing questions about the other contestants.

Manish says that Jad is the con man of the BB House and that Bebika is the con woman.

Later, Manish approaches Salman with a request to market his own Rafuchakkar.

Salman says goodbye and promises to reveal the eliminated contestants in the next episode.

On June 24, 2023, the final episode of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 airs.

To watch today’s full episode of Big Boss OTT Season 2 in Hindi online or to download all 13 episodes, visit or the Jiocinema App on June 24.

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