Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st July 2023 Written Episode 15

Bigg Boss OTT 2’s fourteenth day begins with the housemates singing a popular song in the garden.

In addition, Abhishek Malhan suggests Jiya Shankar complete her housework while she acts frustrated, advice she rejects by telling Malhan not to remind her because she is aware.

She then goes and sass Abhi off to Avinash Sachdev and Jad Hadid, claiming that he is acting like a savvy individual despite the fact that they are all well aware of his true character.

In the meantime, Bigg Boss calls everyone into the living room to share the news that they have a visitor.

Before the new contestant enters the house, he instructs the current contestants to get ready and offer advice to them.

While Bigg Manager calls Pooja Bhatt into the admissions room, the housemates scramble to get ready.

When she walks in, the sight of Abdu Rozik on the screen catches her off guard.

When Bigg Boss asks her to give him some words of wisdom before he enters the BB House, she gladly complies.

Manisha Rani is still getting ready when she is called into the admissions room.
She rushes to the confession room to complain that Bigg Boss didn’t even give her time to put on lipstick before she had to appear on camera.

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Before entering the Big Brother house, who will Abdu Rozik consult for advice?

When Abdu Rozik enters the Big Brother house, how might the other contestants react?

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When Pooja Bhatt comes in, happy to see Abdu, Bigg Boss tells her to tell him who he shouldn’t be friends with.

Pooja tells him that he and Jad Hadid will be great friends, but that he and Akanksha are not compatible.

When Bebika Dhurve arrives, she warns Abdu to stay away from Manisha and Akanksha while Manisha is griping to Bigg Boss about not having enough time to get ready.

Abdu chuckles at her antics as she criticises every housemate and begs Bigg Boss to put a filter on her.

Whose Action Shocks the Entire Nation?

When Jad asks if they can talk to “this girl,” Bebika takes offence and becomes angry.

Jad shows Bebika his buttocks and tells her that she deserves only that, not his face, prompting Bebika to start yelling at him.

On top of that, he mocks Bebika and says her parents and siblings are probably ashamed of her.

After that, Bebika places her bags by the exit door and asks Bigg Manager to call her into the admission room, saying that it’s possible that either she or he will decide to stay.

While Jiya begs Aknaksha Puri to open the door, Bebika sobs and complains that no one listened to her when she described Jad as a fraud.

Despite Avinash and Abhi’s best efforts, Jad remains unconvinced that he should change his ways.

Falaq tells Pooja that Bebika is not wrong for crying while Manisha and Abhi try to console her.

Pooja and Jad argue as well because Jad is trying to get her to talk calmly.

Falaq tells Avinash Sachdev that Jad is dead for her as she watches Pooja and Jad argue. She walks out of the room.

Jad is told by Pooja not to fight like a girl and that she has seen many people just like him.

A short time later, Pooja suggests that Abhi persuade Jad to stay inside, despite the fact that the girls think he should sit outside.

Salman chastises the Big Brother contestants

Abhi suggests to Jad that he wait outside until the situation calms down before joining Abdu, Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha in the pad area. Jad agrees.

They let Jad know that they are aware of his adoration for females and that he should not have exposed his buttocks.
In the confession room, Bigg Boss perceives Bebika say that she doesn’t feel secure in the BB House.

Bigg Manager assures her that they will talk on End of the Week Ka Vaar and enlightens her about the show.

Salman tells the viewers that he disagrees with both proposals and is interested in the opinions of the other housemates.

Salman says hello to everyone in the house and asks if anyone wants to chat, but no one answers.

Salman starts talking about Jad and Akanksha’s kiss on live TV.

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